About William Yeoward

William Yeoward is branded one of London’s leading creative forces, with a reputation as a style maker, retailer and designer of beautiful products for the home.

After school William embarked almost immediately on a career in interior design and retailing, opening his first store on the King’s Road, Chelsea in 1985.

“I realised very early on in my creative life that if I could not find what I wanted the best thing to do was to find someone to make it”. He has certainly fulfilled this philosophy in many areas of product he has created for the home. “It’s very important to work out what you are about and how you want to live before one even contemplates a house or the things that one needs to live in it comfortably….comfort is the key to contentment and therefore good design must be practical, elegant and above all comfortable”.

At first his store on the King's Road  'Yeoward' showcased mainly antiques, objet and pieces that he had designed and commissioned for his numerous design projects. William’s store flourished while he added designs of furniture, lighting, dinner services and crystal. “Crystal has always made me very excited and of all the things that I adore I think that crystal is the product that gives me most joy. I loved it and was determined that one day it would be recreated in the style of my favourite 18th and 19th century pieces. How this was to happen I simply did not know”.

William Yeoward met third generation crystal designer and maker Timothy Jenkins who immediately realised that they shared the same passions and aspirations and William Yeoward Crystal was born. “Born out of passion and a love for beautiful things; I knew that not only did I respect Timothy hugely for his vision and incredible knowledge but also because he had the grit and true determination to make our dream come true……beautiful pieces of crystal made in the traditional way available to people today'. The crystal was shown first in 1996 in London and was rewarded by British House and Garden Magazine’s “Best New Product”. At the same time American Elle Décor magazine proudly announced that the collection epitomised the “zenith in crystal making”.

In 1997 the William Yeoward Crystal showroom opened at 41 Madison Avenue, New York as a base for the American business.

William Yeoward fabric and wallpapers were added to the collection in 1998. These collections are distributed globally by Designers Guild with the exception of the United States where they are distributed still under the Designers Guild umbrella but through Osborne and Little. William added rugs and cushions to his distribution line for the first time in 2012.

June 2003 saw a new showroom on the King's Road Chelsea, a few hundred yards from his original store. When working on this project it became obvious to William that he needed to make this 3000 feet space a home for the whole Yeoward brand. It is said that William has a true talent in knowing what people want.

“It’s simple,” Yeoward says, “I just design what I would like to have in my home and fortunately there are other people who seem to like it too!  Buying my work should bring long term pleasure not instant gratification and then years of disappointment!”  William possesses a rare combination of a prolific creative talent coupled with a natural commercial flair and an enviable rapport with the press and design conscious clients alike. He is known for his sophisticated, elegant and highly individual style. He is a man who cares very much and strives tirelessly to perfect his trade.

William published his fifth book 'William Yeoward American Bar' in March 2012 following “William Yeoward at Home” in September 2010, “William Yeoward on Entertaining” in 2008, “William Yeoward The perfect host ” in 2008 and “Perfect  Tables” published in 2006.

In the United States William Yeoward has granted a license to Edward Ferrell & Lewis Mittman, designers and manufacturers of high end furniture, in a venture: Yeoward Furniture USA.

William Yeoward Furniture is available in four cities: New York through Profiles, Atlanta through Grizzel and Mann, ID Collection in Dallas and in Washington DC through Edward Ferrell & Lewis Mittman. William muses: “to find business partners who care so deeply about design, quality and above all service thrills me greatly and I will enjoy working closely with the American team for years to come”.