15 Minute Hourglass Sand Timer

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Do you find you never have enough time in the day? Now you do! 

This elegant hourglass sand timer measures 15 minutes precisely from the start of each turn, encouraging you to take a modest period of time each day to make time for what truly matters. 

In our time-pressed works, it can be challenging to find a moment for ourselves - finally writing that letter to an old friend, taking a moment of mindfulnesses, or a time to create. 

How to use the Hourglass Sand Timer 

  • Keep the sand timer on your desk of kitchen shelf 
  • Set aside 15 minutes each day to weigh the pros and cons of a decision, talk to someone you love or take part in an activity you love, but rarely find the time to do. 

Includes Glass timer, instruction booklet and box. 

More Information
Material Glass
Height 13cm
Width 5.5cm
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