Favourite places, favourite things, favourite memories – all evoke a sense of comfort and well being and each is associated with a favourite colour. The William Yeoward Paint Gallery covers all of our favourite hues, tones and shades from deepest indigo through a myriad of typically Yeoward blues, the greens and yellows that surround us in nature to the rich warm spice tones we are so well known for. Shades of grey, neutrals, naturals and whites in all possible tones, both warm and cool, complete our Gallery of Paint Colours. William Yeoward Paint is an exceptionally high quality 100% acrylic, water based product. Our industry leading performance paint is produced in the UK and uses the finest pigments to create colours that are rich, vibrant and full of depth. Environmentally friendly with very low VOC content, our paint offers excellent coverage, very fast recoat times, is virtually odour free and can be cleaned using water alone. Free Shipping on all paint orders and when 5 or more sample pots are ordered. For orders of less than 5 sample pots a £3 shipping charge shall be applied.


Redecorate less often

Easy to clean


No unpleasant paint fumes


Up to 20 m2 per litre per coat

Less paint needed


No oils or solvents used

Clean using just cold water


Touch dry in 20 minutes

Recoat in under an hour

Faster project turnarounds


Very low VOC content

30% less paint needed

Uses less of the worlds resources

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  1. Grey
  1. Jade   Paint

    Jade   Paint

    From £31.00
  2. Emerald Isle Paint

    Emerald Isle Paint

    From £31.00
  3. Vintage Jade Paint

    Vintage Jade Paint

    From £31.00
  4. Jade Grey Paint

    Jade Grey Paint

    From £31.00
  5. A Touch of Green Paint

    A Touch of Green Paint

    From £31.00
  6. Pear Tree Paint

    Pear Tree Paint

    From £31.00
  7. Leek & Potato Paint

    Leek & Potato Paint

    From £31.00
  8. Frogspawn Paint

    Frogspawn Paint

    From £31.00
  9. Chelsea Bun Paint

    Chelsea Bun Paint

    From £31.00
  10. Thyme & Again Paint

    Thyme & Again Paint

    From £31.00
  11. Shale Green Paint

    Shale Green Paint

    From £31.00
  12. Wellington Boot Paint

    Wellington Boot Paint

    From £31.00
  13. Gardener's Path Paint

    Gardener's Path Paint

    From £31.00
  14. Allotment Paint

    Allotment Paint

    From £31.00
  15. Wild Meadow Paint

    Wild Meadow Paint

    From £31.00
  16. Pickle Paint

    Pickle Paint

    From £31.00

Items 33-48 of 114

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