...collected Furniture

Our range of handmade furniture offers an expansive range of stories, styles, shapes and finishes that are current, considered and completely vital. Whilst traditionally inspired the collected line has been brought bang up to date for decorating today. The range includes chairs, tables, chests, buffets, bureaus and so much more.

Venetian White Oak and Greyed Oak take centre stage for Spring/Summer 23. The brand new York buffet exudes style and sophistication with its wonderful carved detailing and we introduce the York console in a new and very versatile smaller scale. Our Morris range now feels complete with the addition of a very smart new buffet and mirror. As if that were not enough we have also added three fantastic new Matthew mirrors to the ‘....collected range’ in three of our favourite paint shades, namely Willie’s Blue, Jade Grey and Seal Pup. Exciting new additions for what will be an exciting Spring/Summer season!

If you are interested in Collected Furniture then please contact Jonathan Charles, who represent us for this category in the USA, on [email protected]