Travelling and collecting have always been at the heart of the William Yeoward story and have provided us with the most diverse sources of inspiration over the years. 


In the 17th and 18th centuries the ‘Grand Tour’ described a lengthy trip through Europe undertaken by young British men and women of sufficient means and rank when they had come of age. By the late 19th and early 20th century travel had become more adventurous and the traveller more intrepid. Constantinople, the Indian subcontinent, the Americas, once far flung destinations associated with the early explorers, became increasingly accessible to anyone seeking to discover and immerse themselves in new and exciting cultures.


Thus we find ourselves imagining someone who has spent many years doing just that; someone who loves new experiences, meeting new people, discovering new skills and crafts  – for the purposes of our ’story’ let’s call that person William. We imagine a home, possibly in the west country but maybe in London, filled and decorated with beautiful textiles and objects collected along the way.


Our Banjara and Almacan Collections for Spring/Summer 2022 are the result. The Lustleigh Print design feels very British but with an exotic twist and is the starting point for this collection, reminding us that all journeys start at home. Exquisite embroideries bought in Lucknow, northern India, and beautiful hand-loomed striped fabrics found in Coimbatore in south eastern India add layers of exotic interest. Beautiful chenille weaves from Anatolia, Ikat patterns and Navajo blanket designs from the Americas complete the look. The combination of all these provides us with collections that are imbued with a rich sense of sophistication, handcrafted artisanal skill and timeless beauty. 

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