There is a very good reason why people from all over the world flock to Britain! The uniquely British countryside, historic towns and villages, beautiful country estates, gardens and architecture draw visitors from around the globe. 

Over the last few years, for reasons that need no explaining, we have all learned to live differently. Our homes, our gardens, the spaces where we spent so much time became so much more important to us all. With travel more limited, we all found ourselves discovering and exploring places and areas closer to home. We all looked at the world around us with fresh eyes.

I suppose the seed for the Pensthorpe collection was sown by day trips and weekends away,   and is thus imbued with a real sense of Britishness.

A long weekend in the heart of Norfolk took us to Pensthorpe, home to one of Britains largest, oldest and most beautiful wildflower meadows. A day out in the Cotswolds found us in Lechlade on the Gloucestershire borderand of course visiting nearby Kelmscott Manor, the country retreat of William Morris, father of the Arts & Crafts movement. Whilst staying with friends in Northamptonshire last Autumn we discovered Lyveden with its beautiful shell of an Elizabethan lodge and stunning gardens. Lyveden has some of the oldest garden layouts in Britain, including an Elizabethan apple orchard. A country walk with my family in Kent, known for good reason as ‘The Garden of England’, alongside the beautiful meandering river Eden and a trip with my mother to Hatfield House in beautiful Hertfordshire, childhood home to Queen Elizabeth Ist, with its exquisite architecture and interior, both added to the rich melting pot of inspiration.

The result is a collection of beautiful prints and exquisite embroideries that have then been richly layered with wonderful textural stripes, the occasional pattern with a more exotic twist….and of course we couldn’t resist two fabulous new colours of our absolute favourite Perzina weave.

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