Everyday Adventures

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Re-Discover Wonder and Excitement!

As grown-ups, one of our deepest urges is for life to be more adventurous: a little more excitement, novelty, interest and passion. Unfortunately, many adventures seem out of reach for us. What we therefore badly need is access to smaller, more pocket-sized adventures or ‘Everyday Adventures’ – from something tiny like eating an unfamiliar fruit from the market to rereading your favourite book to asking a parent what they were like as a teenager.

Let these cards act as a springboard to ignite your imagination, revive the spirit and motivate yourself towards the slightly more adventurous life you long for. 

Adventures include:

• Write down five questions you wish someone else would ask you; ask them of someone else.

• Set your alarm before sunrise and go for a walk.

• Complete the sentence: ‘If I wasn’t afraid of failure, I would…’ Tell a friend your answer.

• Make something nice out of beetroot.

60 cards containing prompts and suggestions.

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